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How Quickly We Get Distracted

How often is it that we get an idea to do something, we get started, and then before we know it the next idea comes along & we then head off in yet another direction.

Even while writing this article, I am doing so because I had the idea to write this and as a result I have been distracted away from something else I had started writing.

In saying that, I had an idea for a new article, so I started to write these first few paragraphs, that way I could get the ideas flowing. And in hope be able to continue with the idea when I come back to it.

But it is true, so often we start on an idea or a project, we get started on it, and then a new idea, thought or shiny object comes our way and we suddenly find ourselves heading off in a new direction.

The question is, how do we keep focused? How can we stop ourselves going off on these tangents, and keep our minds on the original task?

To be honest, we can't. Creative people constantly have new ideas coming into their minds all of the time. The trick is how can we capture those ideas so we can use them later. How can we take a new idea, record it so we do not forget it, and then continue on with our original project or idea.

The answer is quite simple... Keep a journal. As a new idea comes you way, write it down. Add some additional notes that will help you remember your thought process & then come back to it later.

This simple process will help you keep your eyes on your original task, and will in general help you achieve far more in a shorter period of time.

Another tip that I find incredibly useful is to keep a list.

To start off, write down everything you need to do & order your tasks by priority. Then start on item number one. Work to complete that task, and only when you have completed your first task, do you move onto the next task on your list.

Again, if another thought or idea distracts you, add it to the bottom of you list & continue with the task at hand.

Of course there will be those things that will need your immediate attention, such as family, telephone calls, and other interruptions. In which case, schedule your most important tasks at times where you will not be distracted. Let those around you know that you don't want to be interrupted for a period of time. Also during this time, don't answer the telephone, check emails or answer the door.

Another thing I like to do, is get up early in the morning, a good hour before anyone else & work on some of my more important tasks then.

I suppose all of this boils down to not only good Time Management, but also good Life Management, after all time is our life...

The important thing is find what works for you. Make a plan and stick to it. You will find that all of those distractions you once had will soon disappear and you will get far more done with your day.

It will be difficult to start with, but like any new habit persistence will pay off and you will see these things will just become a part of your life.

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