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The Opportunity To Make Money

When most people get involved in Network Marketing, they will say they are doing so because of the great product, or a great company, or it is because they want to help other people. And as an afterthought they might say they the compensation plan is pretty good also.

Now all of those reasons may be valid at some level, however I would argue that the order I have listed above is totally wrong.

The number one reason to be in business or start a business of any kind is to make a profit!

As we promote our products and the Network Marketing opportunity, we use soft words because we don't want to offend anyone. We use the word 'Opportunity' instead of 'Business' and we lead with the physical product, rather than what it is that we are really selling.

Now I am sure if you ask the average network marketer what it is they sell, they will go into some description of the product that he is promoting. Now if you ask a highly successful network marketer what they sell, the majority of them will tell you they sell other people the 'Opportunity to Make Money.'

And that at the end of the day is what we do as network marketers. We sell other people the 'opportunity to make money"! And anyone who tells you differently is simply trying to sell you something, and is not very successful.

Yes, the average Network Marketer makes the odd couple of dollars here and there selling this vitamin, or that vacuum cleaner, but the successful marketer knows that to make the real money, you need to sell the business. And in my mind, and then, train those people to do the same thing.

You need to get a system in place, to sell the business, train the people in selling the business, and then train your people to repeat the process.

It is no wonder, that most people who get involved in network marketing fail, it is because, they do not know what business they are really getting into.

Now vitamins and vacuum cleaners may be a vehicle to build your network marketing business around. But the true power of network marketing comes in selling the opportunity to make money. And then following up, and making sure that those who buy from you also know what it is that they are truly selling.

My mentor told me recently that the number one selling niche on the Internet today, is the Opportunity to make money.

If you have a look at ClickBank, you will find the top selling product revolve around making money online. You will also find in many of the online forums, this theme continues to filter through.

So understand the business that you're in for what it truly is. You are in the business of selling 'The opportunity to make money.'

To find out more about this wonderful business that we are in, and perhaps join a team that recognises this fact, and will support you and help you become successful, not to mention the branding and support of one of the world's foremost business coaches, visit us at Brian Tracy's Amega Global Team.

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