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    andio8 asked:

    Please give an example of how you have taken ownership of your personal development or have

    encouraged and supported the development of others. What was the situation? What did you do?

    What was the outcome?

    If anyone can help me with this question I’d be most grateful thanks.

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    Michael McGrath asked:

    The role of Personal Development and Self Improvement is to help you achieve your goals in life. Both are designed to give you the skills you need to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. But can personal development or self improvement really improve your life situations?

    Well, the purpose of both is to do just that. They are both just tools that are used to ensure you will succeed in your chosen life areas. They are designed to help you become happier on the inside and more satisfied with what you have on the outside in any are you chose to apply them!

    So how do you start to set goals that truly lead to self improvement, more freedom, happiness and a better lifestyle for you and your family and ultimately more success? This question is not simple to answer because success means different things to different people. Therefore, if you want to become successful you must first have a clear understanding of what success means to you!

    A fantastic way to get a clear on what success means for you is to ask yourself the question, “what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Let your mind roam freely and immerse yourself in your inner vision. This vision will give you the clue that you need to unravel the mystery of success.

    At an early age every human being knows what they want to do with their lives. We develop dreams and ambitions at a very early age. However as we grow older we are conditioned to believe that these dreams are not possible or are mere fantasies of our imagination. We are told to get an education, a good job, get married, have kids, a mortgage and holiday once a year with our family. By the time most people reach their mid twenties they have all but given up on their dreams or even forgotten what those dreams are. They have become conditioned into believing that they are incapable of achieving what they want in life. This fundamental belief forms the foundation of their self image and the rest of their mental attitudes are build upon it!

    It is the role of personal development and self improvement to remove these conditioned mental attitudes from your inner mind and free you to pursue the life course that you chose for yourself. Through the use of personal development and self improvement you can begin today to remove mental conditioning that you received from well-meaning family, peers and teachers. In addition you will also be directed to remove all those negative mental attitudes that have been given to you by not so well-meaning people and those you have developed yourself through negative life experiences. This is not always an easy journey nor is it always enjoyable but the rewards that you receive are a thousand times the effort required.

    The freedom that you can experience from removing just one negative mental and negative emotional pattern is akin to the feeling of rest and tranquility you feel after extreme physical exercise. Removing numerous negative mental attitudes and emotional stress from your mind and body is a feeling and experience that is truly hard to describe to someone who has never experienced it themselves.

    Jesus Christ said, “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”: Matthew 6:33. By removing the negative mental and emotional attitudes from your mind you free yourself to reach your goals. Let me explain.

    For instance you may have a desire to be wealthy and thus set a personal development goal to become financially free. There are thousands of different ways to achieve this goal. There are thousands of methods you could follow and plans you could set in motion that would bring you closer to this goal. Millions of people have gone from rags to riches. So, why does following a plan work for one person and the same plan will not work for another?

    It is due entirely to the difference in attitude and mental conditioning!

    There are at your disposal numerous personal development and self improvement methods that are designed to help you achieve this goal. Now these tools and methods are not designed to show you the way to become financially free but instead are designed to free you from your own inner resistance to being financially free. Many people think this is a waste of time and would prefer to be given step by step instructions to build financial wealth and I was once one of them. Yet however hard I tried and no matter how many plans and formulas I followed my financial situation actually grow worse.

    Why was this? Were the plans I was following just not good enough to create wealth? Were the people peddling these rags to riches methods merely conning me out of my money? Was gaining wealth just pure luck like winning the lottery?

    The answer to all of the above questions is no!

    The plans I followed had worked for thousands and made them rich! The people selling me the products and methods had all made their fortunes using the very same techniques they were trying to teach me! I later found out that gaining wealth had nothing to do with luck!

    It wasn’t that these things were not good enough to produce the wealth I craved it was that I THOUGHT I wasn’t good enough. When you hold a negative self image and have a negative view of yourself and your abilities it is very difficulty to achieve success no matter how much effort you put into it! This is why it is of paramount importance to first remove the negative conditioning that is holding you back in life.

    Your attitude, which is only composed of thoughts and feelings, is responsible for your actions. Thought is the creator of action! Every action you perform, no matter how small or big, first begins in your mind as a thought. Each thought begins as a feeling. Think of when you met your last partner. You first felt the attraction. Then you had the thought that you would like to meet them. Then you performed some action to make that happen. Think of the last time you went out socializing. You had the feeling that you would like to have some fun, or be with your friends, were feeling lonely etc. Then you had the thought. Then you performed the action.

    If your actions are motivated by your thoughts and feelings and your attitude is composed of thoughts and feelings do you think you could succeed at a given task if you hold a negative mental attitude about it or your ability to succeed at it?

    Once you embrace personal development and begin to use any of the myriad of self improvement tools to remove your negative mental attitudes you will naturally find yourself becoming more successful in life. You actions will be more positive and you will unconsciously perform the correct actions that will lead you to success. I am sure you can know see how important it is to set some personal development goals. Not only will you see improvement in your self, you will also see many symptoms of success added unto you!

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    Susan Velez asked:

    How would you define a personal development plan? Well I would define it as a plan you make for yourself to achieve something in your life. What do you wish to accomplish? Do you want to get a new career? Do you want to start an online business? Whatever it is you wish to do you will need to define a personal development plan and put begin to put it into action.

    So let us begin to check out the steps to be able to define your personal development plan:

    1.) Set some realistic goals for yourself. These goals must be something you truly wish to experience. Something that will motivate you if you do not set motivating goals then the chances of you not being able to overcome obstacles when you encounter them increases.

    2.) Take action. Once you set your motivating goals, now it is time to begin to take action to move closer to them. without action you can not expect to achieve anything different in your life.

    3.) Be open to opportunities as you begin to set your goals you will begin to notice opportunities that come your way. After all what you give your attention to will continue to grow. Always be open to the opportunities; and do not be afraid to take action. When you do take action if do not be afraid to change your course if something does not work out the way you expect it to. Sometimes we must be willing to take detours to reach our destinations.

    4.) Celebrate your success. We all require acknowledgment for our successes. If you do not receive acknowledgment; you can become discouraged and quit working towards your goals. So you must learn how to celebrate every little success. Even if you are the only one who notices it.

    5.) Start a success journal. One of the things I was taught when I began my personal development journey. One of the most important things to do is to begin writing down all your successes throughout the day.

    Some of the success you can write down in your journal can be:

    I walked the dogs today I stopped by the grocery store today and picked up some items we needed I cleaned the house today I spent time reading today I worked on my online business

    These are just some examples you can write in your success journal. As you can see you are learning how to celebrate everything that you do on a normal daily basis. The more successes you see written down in your new journal; the better you will feel. The journal will also give you the confindence to continue towards your goals.

    6.) Believe in yourself. This is an important step because without the belief in yourself you will not have the courage to pursue your goals.

    7.) Visualize your goals. Always visualize the outcomes of the goals you wish to experience. The more you can see yourself reaching and having the goals; the quicker they will become a reality. If you learn to mix emotion along with the visualization this will speed up the process as well.

    8.) Find a mentor. If you can find someone who has become successful in what you desire, read and study as much as you can to find out what habits they developed and what they did on a daily basis to have the success.

    As you begin to apply these eight steps you will not only begin to be able to define a personal development plan; you will understand how to put it into action. You will also begin your journey to creating the life of your dreams.

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    Cyle asked:

    I have some college and no degree. Would it be helpful or harmful to put the authors and titles of the relevant books I’ve in my resume?

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    Jeff R asked:

    I’m 22 years old and about to graduate college from Santa Clara University in the Bay Area. I’m incredibly interested in personal growth/development, social dynamics, etc. Does anyone know of any higher education opportunities or possibly career paths down this avenue? Any schools or teaching opportunities? (Psychology isn’t much of an interest unless someone knows a specific type of psychology that would be particularly useful for this) Thank you so very much for your help as I’m trying to pursue something that I love.

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