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    Welcome to the Great Success Ideas Blog.

    I created this site a couple of years ago, to promote Success concepts such as Personal & Professional development.

    Please explore the blog and make sure you visit the main site also

    I look forward to sharing many Great Success Ideas.

    To Your Success

    Rob Willis

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    Emily asked:

    I have to talk about an experience that has led me to my personal development and just can’t seem to think of a good example. Help please!
    This is for a scholarship

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    Susan Velez asked:

    It is unfortunate that many Americans today do not pursue the “American Dream.” They get stuck working a 9-5 job for 20 plus
    years with nothing to show for it.

    With the importance of personal development at hand you learn how to begin taking small steps towards a life filled with joy and passion.

    This has become such a fast and growing industry everyone wants to learn about self help in some area of their lives; you begin to understand the importance of personal development.

    So why all the fuss you ask? Well we have all be raised in a society that instills limiting beliefs, and yes you probably still possess the beliefs that you picked up when you were young and they continue to hold you back today.

    Personal development will teach you techniques that have been utilized in the past and are still used today to assist individuals to begin creating and working towards the “American Dream.” The importance of personal development is not taught
    in our schools. (which I believe it should be)

    So what are some of the techniques that are utilized by athletes, entrepreneurs, salespeople, professionals, and anyone else who decides to utilize them?

    I have listed some of the techniques below:

    1.) Goal Setting: believe it or not this is the most important step in the whole process. Without a goal you have no direction, and you will keep going in circles.

    2.) Action: Okay now that you have a goal in place, take the time to write it down on paper. (believe it or not this is extremely powerful) It now becomes more than wanting, what are you willing to do to reach this goal? How much effort will you put forth?

    3.) Set A Date: A goal without a date of accomplishment is just a wish. However learn to set a realistic date, if you set
    a unrealistic goal, you can tend to become discouraged a not ever pursue an endeavor again.

    4.) Read, Read, and Read: Never stop learning. You must continually be open to receiving more education. You can receive this education
    through books, weekend seminars, or classes.

    5.) Mastermind with others who understand the importance of personal development as you do, and they are on the path. The more you can surround
    yourself with people who think like you do, it will benefit you both.

    Remember the saying “birds of a feather flock together.” We become like our closest friends we hang out with.

    The importance of personal development is; it is never too late to begin. However the sooner you begin your journey the sooner you can begin to let
    go of your limiting beliefs.

    Once you let go of your limiting beliefs you will begin to find the courage to pursue your dreams. Without dreams, we are just living without a purpose.
    When we do not have a purpose, We have no spark or happiness. We as humans must have something to look forward to everyday.

    So why not begin your journey today? You will begin to develop a passion and begin to find out what your passions and hobbies are. You also will
    be able to assist your children and encourage them to “follow their dreams” and lead by example.

    Remember the importance of personal development is to help you lead a more positive and powerful life. Is that not what everybody would love their
    life to be like anyways?
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