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    Larry Strawson asked:

    Every choice you have ever made and every decision that you have regretted comes back to a set of several core beliefs that many people refer to as their personal values. Your values weren’t developed overnight and although outside influence plays a major role much of your values were determined by your own internal perception. Over your lifetime you have seen, heard, felt, and experienced certain situations and conditions that have helped shape your beliefs to what they are today. Your values are the foundation to your entire being and are subconsciously a part of your everyday life in one way or another.

    Generally most people do not purposely choose their values, most of them are learned subconsciously as children before the age of 10. Studies have shown that a child’s social surroundings are the heaviest source of influence when it comes to developing personal values. Children tend to learn most of their behavior from their parents and older siblings, but as they get older they may be influenced by their teachers, coaches, friends, and even favorite actors or sports stars. All of these social interactions can have both a negative or positive influence over the development of our personal values.

    Another key influence in personal values comes from our life experience, as we go through life we are able to take all of our positive and negative experiences and add them or discard them from our current belief system. Not only do your values influence your choices but as you grow older your choices will influence your values. Research has also shown that our values can change by the people we surround ourselves with through the process of association. For example during an independent study a German psychologist found out that he could eliminate a person’s fear of flying by simply having the patients sit down and talk with a professional pilot for 1 hour per week for several months.

    By placing attention to your values you are able to become more self aware, make ethical decisions, and prioritize the things that really matter to you. When you are more self aware you will know exactly what you’re projecting to people when you interact with them, you will know exactly what you have done right and what you have done wrong in all aspects of your life. Understanding your own code of ethics and prioritizing your life will allow you live to your fullest potential, when you are able to proudly look yourself in the mirror you will have achieved what many like to call the height of empowerment.

    Sometimes people may feel the need to change their current set of values, although this isn’t an overnight process it can be done with hard work and dedication. Since your personal values are a reflection of your life experiences the key to changing them is to change your life so that you have new experiences. By sitting down and consciously choosing which old values need to be removed, which values need to be retained, and which values need to be added you will be able to subconsciously command your brain to reprogram itself for change.

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    Susan Velez asked:

    Why not sit down for at least 10 minutes today and create a 5 year personal development plan for yourself. Where would you like to be in five years? What do you want to have accomplished? Visualize yourself as successful and write down your passions of what it is you want to be do have in your life. Remember you can do anything the only limitations we have are the one’s we place on ourselves. Most people realize that personal development is a positive step in the right direction of improving one’s life in any area of your life. However many people do not take control of their lives and have no idea of what they would like to accomplish in the next five years.

    A 5 year personal development plant will help you map out areas in your life that you would like to improve. What is it right now that you would like to change in any area whether it is a relationship, business, career. Are you stagnant in any of those areas and would like to see yourself somewhere different? You can sit down and make some long term goals of where you would like to be in five years. Your 5 year personal development plan will help you identify the the means to accomplish your long term goals. It will be like a map that you can keep in front of you at all times to constantly remind you of what you want to be do have, and will be a map for you to follow. It will map the steps you make along the way and you can evaluate the progress that you make.

    Another thing that will help you keep track of your progress is a journal. When you take the time to set the goals you would like to achieve whether long term or short term; you should write down your progress in your journal. This will help you keep on track and stay motivated towards working towards what it is you desire. Plus when you reach your goals you can go back and read what it took you to reach your goals. You should always rewards yourself positively for sticking to your 5 year personal development plan and doing whatever it takes to reach them.

    However when you reward yourself make sure your reward is not negative. If your goal is to lose weight and you have dropped the amount of weight you wanted to, do not sit down and eat a big piece of chocolate cake. This would hurt you in the long run; instead do something else that you would enjoy doing like going to a movie.

    If you currently know what you would like to be do have in five years down the road, and have your goals written down then you are way ahead of the game. Most people do not know what they want to be do have and most of them are just content with their mediocre life. The complain about their life however they really do not know what they want to accomplish; if you do not know where you would like to be chances are you will not ever accomplish anything different.

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  • Feb
    littleme836 asked:

    I have to write a paper on personal values development help!?
    the paper is suppose to examing your personal values, ground reules and/or ethics development. Focus on the development aspect rather than on a particular issue. Define what your values are and the source that helped shape them and the criteria and decision making factors you utilize to revise them. Also, discuss the piotential impact of your values and your performance in your workplace.

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