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  • Mar
    Tinylittleheart asked:

    What are the self-concept factors? And how does each of these factors effect a person’s personal development positively and negatively?

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  • Mar
    Carl Walker asked:

    No matter who you are, chances are that there is some area in your life that you want to change, some aspect that leaves room for improvement. Whether the change that you are looking for is related to money, relationships or career, a personal development seminar can help. A personal development seminar can help you target the area you would like to change, and offer help with changing them. Personal development seminars can help you to understand how why the changes are good for your situation.

    At personal development seminars you will meet people who are trying to make changes to their lives as you are, and who can sympathize with you. It is like working on a team, each participant has some insight to offer that will assist the rest of the people in the seminar. If you have a busy schedule, and do not have the time to attend these seminars, try doing a google search. There are millions of online links to classes that are built around your schedule.

    Personal development seminars help you to acquire an attitude of accepting or overcoming the limitations that you have set for yourself. It will also assist you in dealing with other people on a daily basis. It can help you to overcome any obstacles that are in your path.

    A personal development seminar assist you in changing the way you feel about yourself, thus changing the way you feel about others. It can help you to identify the purpose of your life, clearly defining who and what you want to be. In more clear words, a personal development seminar can help you to achieve anything that you want to be or do with your life.

    There are several self-help books on the market, and they may have some very useful information, but a personal development seminar has a big advantage that the self help books do not.

    When you attend a personal development seminar, you have the benefit of talking to a trained counselor that can answer any questions that you may have and chances are they have been exactly where you are. They know how you feel and can offer empathy for your situation. They have turned their life around, and have dedicated themselves to helping others do the same. As with all personal development seminars, the main message that they want to get across is that we all have the power within us to change our lives. We all choose the method in which we live our lives. We are the only ones who can change our lives in whatever manner we choose. We are the ones who have to live with the changes we make.

    No matter what changes you want to make, a personal development seminar can assist you on so many levels. You remember the methods taught in the personal development seminar when you leave and go through rough times. You will carry what you learned at a personal development seminar throughout your life and use it when it is necessary.

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  • Mar
    ling meng f asked:

    I can’t really understand, since that each human being is responsible for his or her own fate, and personal development techniques provide us some way to work through it.

    But why are certain people saying that this is a bad thing?
    After all its purpose is genuine good, are those critics not striving for excellent themself?

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  • Mar
    Liam McCauley asked:

    While it may seem that a person’s attitude and their personal development goals and achievements are very different things, for most people they are actually strongly influenced by one another. Without the right mental attitude, achieving anything is an uphill battle that is more difficult than it has to be.

    Changing a mental attitude for the better is something that can affect all aspects of a person’s life. It can allow one to feel in control of life and give a person the self esteem to make the changes desired.

    Improving Your Attitude

    If personal development begins with changing a mental attitude, attitude changing begins by believing that it can be changed. Many people accept a negative attitude as being a normal part of their lives instead of a choice that has been made. It is vital to successfully meeting personal development goals to make the choice to have a positive attitude.

    With a positive mental attitude, just about anything is possible. Each day the decision can be made to see everything positively, even if the day doesn’t go quite as planned. Looking at everything through this outlook makes experiences better and the future seem brighter.

    Once the decision is made to see things positively and to carry a mental attitude that reflects that, throughout the day, goals that may have seemed far-fetched before will seem reachable. This means better success in achieving goals and a happier outlook on life.

    Self Improvement

    Part of achieving any goal is to believe that you can achieve it. Using self affirmations that help to reinforce positive ideas can help you to have a more positive attitude. This, then, makes goal setting easier. Keep telling yourself that you are able to meet these goals with your own skills and talents.

    With goals in mind, it is possible to take positive action toward self improvement. Setting short-term and long-term goals can help along the way, providing plenty of milestones to meet in order to build self confidence.

    Self confidence is essential in the business world, but that confidence doesn’t always come from the business world. Sometimes, self confidence is dependent on very personal criteria. It may be a weight loss goal, a personal skill-set goal or another personal achievement that can give you the confidence to make achievements in business.

    Staying Motivated

    With confidence and a good attitude comes motivation. Seeing the end goal and believing that it can be met is a great motivator to get things done. To continue to stay on track, continue setting goals after the first goals are met. They may be small things to accomplish, but they are milestones that can be met and conquered for your own self esteem and personal development.

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  • Mar
    mommyinfernape asked:

    i have to have a 10-15 minute personal development program for a scout group ages 10-13 and i need something that is interactive. plz help

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