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  • Jun
    littleme836 asked:

    the paper is suppose to examing your personal values, ground reules and/or ethics development. Focus on the development aspect rather than on a particular issue. Define what your values are and the source that helped shape them and the criteria and decision making factors you utilize to revise them. Also, discuss the piotential impact of your values and your performance in your workplace.

    How do I even begin with this??? help thanks This is a college paper and not HS.

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  • Dec
    Jonathan Wells asked:

    Questions have the ability to change our focus in an instant. Asking the right questions is an advanced life skill that can literally change your mindset from limiting to empowering. Our personal view of reality hinges on what we focus our minds on. Questions not only provide our minds with focus but with incentive and direction as well.

    As soon as we ask a question, our mind immediately begins searching for the answer. If we don’t like the answers that we are getting, it probably has a lot to do with the questions we are asking. By asking the right questions we can empower ourselves to change any aspect of our life.

    So what are the right questions?

    Questions that cause us to focus on possibilities and solutions are the ones that empower us. By training ourselves to consciously ask empowering questions, regardless of our circumstances, we will direct our minds to continually focus on new possibilities and solutions. This is exactly the kind of focus that enhances our personal growth and development.

    As human beings we can only focus on a limited number of things at any given time. We can use this fact to our advantage, because when we focus on empowering things it becomes literally impossible to focus on limiting things at the same time. This means that when we focus on something positive, really focus on it, our minds will delete or block out negative thoughts.

    Because questions have the ability to change our focus, we can automatically change our feelings as wells. When you ask yourself, “what do I feel really great about right now?” Your mind becomes occupied with answering that question; it simply cannot search for reasons to feel lousy at the same time.

    Being truly focused, involves more than just our mental acuity, it also involves our emotions. This is especially true because the questions we are asking ourselves often have to do with how we feel about something. Emotions are the power plant of human motivation. We can use our minds to ask the questions that will harness that power, and focus it in the direction we want to go.

    When problems arise in life, as they will, what questions can we ask ourselves to motivate us toward possibility and solution? Here are a few examples:

    1) How does this problem or challenge create a new opportunity? At first you may not see opportunity, so keep asking. This question is powerful because it is structured around the assumption that the problem has created an opportunity, now you just need to discover what it is. Your mind will acknowledge that assumption as a fact and before long it will present you with a list of opportunities.

    2) What action must I take to transform this situation? Notice the assumption built in to this question, there is a course of action that will transform the situation, all you need to do is find it.

    3) What aspect of this challenge is exciting? Again the assumption, there is something here to get excited about. We just asked our mind to figure out what that is, and so it will.

    Notice what all of these questions have in common. They all have a built-in assumption that moves our focus in a positive direction. They all create a frame of mind that is empowering. Because we can focus in only one direction at a time, these questions also prevent us from exploring the negative aspects of our situation, both mentally and emotionally.

    Remember, it’s not asking questions that creates results, it’s the answers. So as you answer each question take a moment to experience how that answer makes you feel. Developing a routine of asking yourself empowering questions will also increase your level of appreciation for the answers.

    With what result?

    Being constantly aware and appreciative of our blessings can completely change our view of life.

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  • Sep
    Emily asked:

    I have to talk about an experience that has led me to my personal development and just can’t seem to think of a good example. Help please!
    This is for a scholarship

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  • Aug
    andio8 asked:

    Please give an example of how you have taken ownership of your personal development or have

    encouraged and supported the development of others. What was the situation? What did you do?

    What was the outcome?

    If anyone can help me with this question I’d be most grateful thanks.

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  • Aug
    Cyle asked:

    I have some college and no degree. Would it be helpful or harmful to put the authors and titles of the relevant books I’ve in my resume?

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  • Apr
    chris n asked:

    Does writing in a journal help in personal development?
    It wasn’t homework! I was just wondering.

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  • Mar
    b4contact asked:

    I define personal development in this case when the work you do is something that helps you grow as a professional and individual.
    Working for money is normally when someone works something that is not necessary what you like but helps you to get your economic goals.

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  • Jan
    George M asked:

    I’m interested in sites that either contain information about personal development or suggest some tasks or even online personal development trainings. Free or paid, doesn’t matter. Please recommend something to me!
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