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The Power Behind Goal Setting - Desire  


By Rob Willis


Do you have a goal that you are working towards? Is it a financial goal, or a health goal? Or maybe a business or personal goal, like writing a book? Having a goal is step one to achieving success, but to put power into that goal, to increase the chances of achieving your goal, you must infuse your heart with desire. 


Without desire, I could write down a hundred goals and still not achieve a thing. It is desire that is the driving force to help you get what you want in life. Not just a “Yeah that would be nice” kind of desire, but a focused burning desire. The kind of desire that has you thinking about your goal constantly. The kind of desire that has your mind working in overtime, working out ways to achieve your goals. 


It is only when desire to achieve consumes your every waking moment, that you will start to move forward. It is this sort of desire that turns dreams into reality. Desire forces you into action to follow your dreams. It is desire that will see you through the hard times when all looks lost. Desire does not understand failure. Desire will find another way to help you achieve your goal. 


So how do you cultivate desire? How do you turn a goal into a burning passion? Simply Focus. Think about the goal that you want to achieve. Close your eyes and see with vivid detail that goal in you possession. If your goal is a new house, imagine yourself walking through the front door, and giving your family & friends a guided tour through each room of the house. Imagine your day to day life here. Getting out of bed, having breakfast, spending time with your family. Or if your goal is to make $1,000,000. Imagine your bank statement. Imagine the individual deposits that have been made along the way. Imagine the feeling that you have with that final deposit that pushes you over the $1,000,000 mark. Or if you goal is to get a University degree, imagine wearing your cloak and gown and being handed your degree. Imagine your friends and family in the audience, the smiles on there faces. The more specific you are to detail, the more real it will be to you. Make sure you see yourself in detail within your imagination. 


As you focus on your goals and you can imagine clearly what you want, write down how you feel. Write down in detail how you imagine things to pan out for you. Then repeat this exercise regularly. Keep imagining having achieved your goal, until you think about it constantly. Keep thinking about it until you cannot imagine your life without it. It is then that desire will kick in. When your goals start to permeate your very being, it is then that you have the desire to achieve your goals. But you must protect that desire, by continuing to focus on your goals, and imagine there fruition. 


When you want something bad enough, when your desire is strong enough, your mind will find a way to help you achieve your goals. Share your dream with your closest friends & loved ones. Share your dream with your success team. These are all people that will encourage you to achieve your goals. They can also help you to reach your goals. 


Can you desire multiple goals at the same time? Of course! But make sure that your goals are not at conflict with each other. You will find that if your goals complement each other, you will find that you can achieve them quicker. But if they are in conflict, you will not achieve any of them. 


As you start to cultivate your desire to achieve your goals you will be amazed to see the force that takes over. It will be like your goal and desire have a life of there own. You will see things starting to take place that may appear to be coincidental, but when you look at all these coincidences together, you will see that a greater force is taking control. 


Dream big & cultivate your desires. This will bring you one step further down the road of success in your life. 

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